What I Love Most About Raya

Hye, everyone! It’s me again. For this time, I want to tell you what I like most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Actually this is the last entry for BEL 311. To me Hari Raya is a happy day that everyone waiting for.

What I love most about Raya is collect ‘Duit Raya’. Usually, Duit Raya is given when we visit someone’s house. But this year I not get too many “Duit Raya” compared to last year. Maybe it is because they like to give “Duit Raya” to kids. I think it is not fair because teenager are more needed or can manage it wisely.

Next thing that I like about Hari Raya is I can eat a lot of food. There are various of food during Hari Raya such as Nasi Impit, Lemang, Ketupat, Rendang, Sambal Kacang Lontong, Soto and various type of cookies. This all kind of foods make me can’t stand to eat them.

In first day of Hari Raya, all my relative and my family will gather at my grandmother’s house to celebrate together. Usually, my family will bring Rendang because my grandmother said that my mother cooking is very delicious. Beside that I also can visit my friend’s house. We can meet old friends and even new friends.

That's what I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri, to eat some cookies and get 'Duit Raya' for sure. That's all from me. Thank you guys and friends for read my blog and share with others, goodbye!

My Favourite Actress

Hello guys, today I going to talk about my favourite actress. Her name is Lisa Surihani. She is very attractive women. I like her because she has beautiful smile and sweet personality. She is intelligent, gentle and love kids.

Her hobbies are window shopping, reading and listening to music. She also likes kittens and kids but she dislikes bugs and heights. Her favourite colour is white. Her favourite food is Nasi Lemak.

She actually is very clever person. She is currently taking degree in law at HELP College. She is going to further her study at London. Her ambition is to be a lawyer that’s why she is study hard to get her ambition to become reality.

According to Lisa Surihani, her first stint in the glamorous world of advertising happened by chance. A talent scout spotted her while Lisa Surihani was out shopping with her mother and queried if she was interested to do adverts. Her first acting begins in movie “Good Bye Boys”. She begins to famous by the movie “I’m Not Single” that is my favourite movie. Beside that she also involve in drama such as “Ayah Kami”, Mystery 6, and 3R.
She also hosting in X-Fresh (Astro), Down Memory Lane (RTM), Nestle Space Challenge (ntv7), Hello 2006 (RTM), Whoa (ntv7), Anugerah Angkasapuri 2005 (RTM) and Expresi. She also is a model to advertise some product like Johnson & Johnson Pure Essentials, KFC, McDonald's Fried Chicken, Cadbury, Ayamas, Double Decker, Hotlink, V-Soy and Rexona, Clearasil.

We can conclude that she will be a great actress in Malaysia in the future because she is very talented, intelligent and also beautiful that can attract many guys to watch her movie such as me. I hope she wills success in what she aims for.
Thank you for follow me in my blog. See you in next entry.

My Album

1. Hot
This song is described about girl that needs an attention from everybody. So that she can get special treat from people around her. Beside that, these songs also tell how a woman attracts a guy so that guy will fall in love with her.
2. Dear God
This song is about a person pray to god to protect his girlfriend from bad thing that always happens and hope she is always be happy without him around.
3. In And Out of Love
These songs tell about couples that still not believe in each other. They still searching a solution to solve their fight that always happen most of the time. At last they decide to split and follow each other path.
4. Nymphetamine
Nymphetamine is a drug. This song is about addiction too classical beauty. The song tells how to appreciate a classical beauty and person that addict to improve their beauty and appearance in their life to make their satisfied.
5. Wonderwall
This song is about people that do not believe in other. He than created his own wall to separate himself from other people. So that people cannot disturb his life and he can life alone.
6. Yesterday
This song is about things that happen in past in their life. In this song, he tell everyone what he do in the past include bad and good things.

7. All My Life
This song tell about how a man appreciate because get his dream girl that he always wanted since in his childhood. Beside that these songs also tell how this man could do anything to attract his dream girl attention.
8. Fix you
These songs tell about an advice and try to motivate other people for not make a mistake that he already did. This song also is about a person try to change a person so that they will not regret.
9. Back to Black.
In this song, it tells a person has change from a good guy to a bad guy. He became he old self because he is sad and stress about what happen to him. Beside that, this person also boring to became a good guy. At last he returns to his old character that is bad guy.

10. Seize The Day.
The song tells about a person that needs another chance to change his life to become better person. This person regrets what he did in his past time and he hope that he can back to the past so that he can fix the situation.

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