10 Facts About Me

Hello to all readers! There are some several facts that anyone doesn’t know about me even my closest friend or my relatives. Therefore, here I want to list several facts about myself that not all knows about it.
(1) I like to cook.
I love to cook. I learned from my mother. She thought me how to cook and I really like it. Now I am quite good at cooking. I always help my mother when she cooks in the kitchen. I always cook my favourite dish which is “Char Kuew Teow Kerang”.
(2) Like to play football.
Football is my favourite sports. Although I’m not too good in this game, I’m still love to play it. Almost everyday I will go to play football with my senior. My favourite team is Liverpool. I hope one day I can play on that team.
(3) I like to eat.
I think by eating can release my tension. I love to eat “Nasi Lemak” in the morning. Sometimes I also eat “Roti Canai” which most Malaysian love. While in the afternoon it is time for me enjoy the “Nasi Campur”. This type of food is usually being preferred by Malay’s people. Lastly for dinner I would love to eat my favourite meal which is “Char Kuew Teow Kerang”.
(4) Addict to music.
I like to listen to music when I bored. Because to me music can give freedom and release my tension. I like to hear music that has slow rhythm. My favourite song is Beautiful Thing sing by Andain. To me, this song has soul and very nice when we heard it.
(5) I like to collect shoes.
One of my hobbies is collecting shoes. I already have four shoes that not sell in Malaysia. Most of it is limited edition. I love to collect shoes because it can give me satisfied. My auntie is staying at Singapore. I will order through her to buy those shoes. Then, she will post me those shoes. One of the brands of that shoe is Onitsuka Tiger.
(6) I’m not a smoker.
Most of my friend thinks I’m a smoker when they first time see me. Actually I’m not. In my life, I never buy cigarette. I cannot stand the smoke because it make me hard to breath. In my room, I already tell to my juniors if they wants to smoke, they must smoke outside the room.

(7) Very shy person.
Actually, I’m a shy person. That is why I’m afraid to ask questions in class especially in front of girls. I prefer to study in small group than large number of people. I hope I can overcome my weakness soon.

(8) Very care about appearance.
To me appearance is very important. I thinks it can give more confidante's especially when we facing a lecturer. Beside that it also can boost our confidante's in studies. It can make us more focus in class.
(9) I like to play computer games.
I’m also love to playing computer games. But I will play when I had free time only. My favourite game is Football Manager. This game is about to control a whole football team including their finance, their popularity and many more. This game can improve your leadership skills because it teach how to manage a team in different situations.
(10) I like to watch movies.
I love to watch movies. I will watch a movie at least once a month. My favourite movie is Catch Me If You Can. This is a true story about a young man who fraud cheques and lied about his background to get a good job. He became a pilot, doctor, and a lawyer illegally. This movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

My classmates D3D2

Dear reader, in this assignment I will talk about my D3D2 classmates. Some of my classmate I know very well but others I just know a little bit.
1. His name is Hafis. We always call him Mok. He is staying in the same college with me that is Taming Sari. His hobby is sleeping. I always late go to class because waiting him.
3. Afiq is from Muar, Johor. He very shy in the class but he very talkative when he hangs up with his gang. He is very lazy. He always does assignment in last minute.
4. Zaki is the smartest person in the class. He is very close with Hafis because they know each other since high school. He is a humble person and always teaches his friend when they have difficulty in their studies.
5. He is the tallest guy in my class. He always sleeps in the class because he says that he to tired for playing football. He plays football for UiTM. He is very fluent in English. That’s why he is brave to ask questions in class.
6. His name is Ruzaini but we call him Evra because his face looks like someone who that plays for Manchester united football club. He has self-confidence to ask questions in class. His hobby is playing futsal.
7. I can describe him as unique person. Actually he is clever person even though that he quiet in class. One of his character is he is nervous person, especially when he is asked to talk in the class. Besides that he is hard working person especially when doing an assignment.

8. Shukri is quiet person in class but him actually one of the commander in UiTM. I also can describe him as clever person especially in finance subject. Actually he is new in my class. Therefore I cannot say too much about him.
1. We call her Suatika. I can describe her as quiet person in class. She not talks much in class. Her voice very soft sometimes that makes me difficult to hear. She always hangs out with her gang only. I never have seen her hang out with other in class beside her gang.
2. Leen, one of Suatika’s best friends. She actually also have same character just like Suatika. But she is brave to voice out her opinion in class.
3. Her name is Anis. She is also new in my class. But I can describe her as quiet person. She also not talks too much in class.
4. Nadiah. She is also one of the smartest in class. I can see that she always focus in class. That’s why she always gets a good result in test.
5. Nisa, she always smiles in class but not talk too much. Until now I never spoke to her. I can see that she very close with Wanie. Actually she is also new in my class. That why I say much about her.
6. Wanie also very quiet in class. She not talks too much in class. From what I can see, she is very clever person.
7. We call her Siti. I know her from Part 1 because she same class with me. I can describe her as brave person because she loves to talk in class with her friends in front lecturer. Beside that, I also can describe her as clever person.
8. Her name is Hasina. We call her Sina. She is the chubby person in class. She is friendly with everyone including boys. I also can describe her as responsible person. She also is class rep for Eco 211.
9. Surriyah, her also same class with me in Part 1. But I not know much about her because she very quiet. But I can describe her as clever person. Overall I can that she is nice person.
10. Her name is Faina. She is also one Suatika’s best friends. She is very quiet in class but she is clever. I also heard that she get dean list for every semester.
11. Liyana. She is very cute girl. She is very friendly with everyone. I can see that she like to smile in class. Beside that, she also smart girl and talkative person. Her best friend is Hasrita. They always hang out together.
12. Hasrita. She is one of Liyana’s best friends. I can describe her as brave girl because she likes to talk in class. Beside that, she is also very cute when she smiles.
13. Her name is Hidayah. She is very talkative person. She is very brave to voice up in class. Beside that she also very hard working person. She always finishes her assignment on time.
14. Lana. She is one the smartest person in class. She can speak English very well. Beside that, I can tell that she has self-confidence to ask questions in class. She always is being together with Sina and Siti.
15. Ila. I don’t know about her to much. But I can see that she is very hardworking person. She always focuses in class. Beside that I think she is clever person.
16. Her name is Shima. She is very quiet in class. She is also very friendly although she not talks too much in class. Her best friend is Ifa. I also can see that she very focus in class.
17. Mira. I don’t know much about her. But I can see that she love to smile in class. She is also very talkative person. She is very close with Suriyah. They always hang out together.

Subjects This Semester

Hello, we meet again. Last assignment I already told about my experience as a senior. Now I am going to tell you about my subject which I take this semester. This semester I take 7 subjects that is English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262), Asas Ekonomi Islam (CTU 241), and Third Language (BMD 101) including co-curriculum. I think this semester is tougher than last semester because it has macroeconomic which until now I still don’t understand.

Firstly, I will tell you about my favourite subject, Fundamental of Finance. My finance lecturer is Encik Syamsul. I think he teaches us very good and clear. I’m very lucky to be his student. He always gives a lot of homework and they are pretty hard for us to finish them as we don’t have much time to do. But what to do, he’s trying his best to help us improving our skills in this subject. And fortunately, this noble guy never scolds us and we won’t take advantage upon his kindness. We’re still trying to get along with him. My finance subject would never have been easier without him.

Then, my second subject that I love is English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311). And the lecturer for this subject is Sir Izuan. He is a very strict and discipline guy, anyone who entered his class late, would be scolds. This essay that I write is one of the assignments he assigned us to do. With all the pleasure, we really enjoy doing it Sir! I can notice that my English are getting better and I promise you that I’ll score this subject with flying colours.

Macroeconomics (ECO 211). It sounds pretty hard yeah?? Actually this subject is very though than microeconomics that I take last semesters. This subject is about our beloved country financials and what so ever. We really did enjoy it Mr. Abdullah. And for sure, we’ll try our best. And one thing I can promise you is I’ll spend more time reading this textbook than I read comics.

As a Muslim, we have to perform our duty as a khalifah. In this very university level, we still need to take this subject. It’s an easy subject as we learned about Islam every year since we started school. This won’t be any trouble for us to score. But to attend this CTU class, hmm.. I can never promise not to be late because the class is in the morning. The best time to sleep. I always sleep around 2 or 3 in the morning, and to wake up early is not an easy thing to do though. But thanks anyway to Ustaz Ahmad Nawawi for teaching us.

This semester I also take Arabic as my third language. I take this subject because my seniors tell me that this subject is easy to score. Beside that I also have basic about this subject because I take this subject when I was in primary school. This subject teaches me how to communicate to other people in Arabic language. My Arabic lecturer is Uztaz Rozman He is very nice and funny person.

Beside that I also take statistic in this semester. I think this subject is easy because I already learn this when I at high school. My lecturer statistic is Miss Arafah. I’m glad that have she as my lecturer. I’m very understood when she teach. Beside that she also funny person and like makes joke in class. I hope that get an A for this subject.

OK, I think it’s enough for today. I really typed a lot, and I have already spent over a night doing this essay. It’s time to go. I’m going to write more soon. Hope this will give me a good mark. See you guys soon. Thank you.

Being A Senior

Hello everyone, this is my third entry for my BEL 311. Firstly I would like to apologize to Sir Izuan because late to submit the assignment. For this assignment, I would like to share with you about my experience being a senior in college. In my opinion, senior is someone who has a lot experience and shows a good example or be a role model to other junior. Although I’m in Part 3, I still have many things to learn and the gap from Part 2 and Part 1 is small not more than 1 year. So I don’t feel myself as a senior. Furthermore, most students in my wing are in Part 3 in above even a bachelor also staying in my wing.

Now, I want to share my story with you guys about my life as a senior in this third semester. I have two Part 1 students in my room. Luckily, there are very kind and respect me as their senior. On the first day, we already held a wing meeting to make relationship between senior and junior more closer. The juniors have to take the entire senior’s signature within a week. In this way, they can know all the seniors background. Beside that, senior also can orientate the juniors to make them know very well. After that, senior will give nickname to them. Usually, the eldest seniors give nickname to all the juniors. This shows that the eldest senior has a power to give order to them.

Beside that, we give rules for all juniors which they must obey all the time. For example, they can’t eat at all cafe during “Maghrib”. This way can teach them to more respect to “azan”. Beside that, the most important rule is give greeting to the senior even during outside the college. It show how respect them to the senior.

Lastly, I like to say that being a senior have a lot benefit. For example it can teach me about responsibility as a senior and give a good example to other juniors. In this way, I can improve myself as students in UiTM. That is all for now. Meet you again in my next posts. See you then.

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