Being A Senior

Hello everyone, this is my third entry for my BEL 311. Firstly I would like to apologize to Sir Izuan because late to submit the assignment. For this assignment, I would like to share with you about my experience being a senior in college. In my opinion, senior is someone who has a lot experience and shows a good example or be a role model to other junior. Although I’m in Part 3, I still have many things to learn and the gap from Part 2 and Part 1 is small not more than 1 year. So I don’t feel myself as a senior. Furthermore, most students in my wing are in Part 3 in above even a bachelor also staying in my wing.

Now, I want to share my story with you guys about my life as a senior in this third semester. I have two Part 1 students in my room. Luckily, there are very kind and respect me as their senior. On the first day, we already held a wing meeting to make relationship between senior and junior more closer. The juniors have to take the entire senior’s signature within a week. In this way, they can know all the seniors background. Beside that, senior also can orientate the juniors to make them know very well. After that, senior will give nickname to them. Usually, the eldest seniors give nickname to all the juniors. This shows that the eldest senior has a power to give order to them.

Beside that, we give rules for all juniors which they must obey all the time. For example, they can’t eat at all cafe during “Maghrib”. This way can teach them to more respect to “azan”. Beside that, the most important rule is give greeting to the senior even during outside the college. It show how respect them to the senior.

Lastly, I like to say that being a senior have a lot benefit. For example it can teach me about responsibility as a senior and give a good example to other juniors. In this way, I can improve myself as students in UiTM. That is all for now. Meet you again in my next posts. See you then.


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