10 Facts About Me

Hello to all readers! There are some several facts that anyone doesn’t know about me even my closest friend or my relatives. Therefore, here I want to list several facts about myself that not all knows about it.
(1) I like to cook.
I love to cook. I learned from my mother. She thought me how to cook and I really like it. Now I am quite good at cooking. I always help my mother when she cooks in the kitchen. I always cook my favourite dish which is “Char Kuew Teow Kerang”.
(2) Like to play football.
Football is my favourite sports. Although I’m not too good in this game, I’m still love to play it. Almost everyday I will go to play football with my senior. My favourite team is Liverpool. I hope one day I can play on that team.
(3) I like to eat.
I think by eating can release my tension. I love to eat “Nasi Lemak” in the morning. Sometimes I also eat “Roti Canai” which most Malaysian love. While in the afternoon it is time for me enjoy the “Nasi Campur”. This type of food is usually being preferred by Malay’s people. Lastly for dinner I would love to eat my favourite meal which is “Char Kuew Teow Kerang”.
(4) Addict to music.
I like to listen to music when I bored. Because to me music can give freedom and release my tension. I like to hear music that has slow rhythm. My favourite song is Beautiful Thing sing by Andain. To me, this song has soul and very nice when we heard it.
(5) I like to collect shoes.
One of my hobbies is collecting shoes. I already have four shoes that not sell in Malaysia. Most of it is limited edition. I love to collect shoes because it can give me satisfied. My auntie is staying at Singapore. I will order through her to buy those shoes. Then, she will post me those shoes. One of the brands of that shoe is Onitsuka Tiger.
(6) I’m not a smoker.
Most of my friend thinks I’m a smoker when they first time see me. Actually I’m not. In my life, I never buy cigarette. I cannot stand the smoke because it make me hard to breath. In my room, I already tell to my juniors if they wants to smoke, they must smoke outside the room.

(7) Very shy person.
Actually, I’m a shy person. That is why I’m afraid to ask questions in class especially in front of girls. I prefer to study in small group than large number of people. I hope I can overcome my weakness soon.

(8) Very care about appearance.
To me appearance is very important. I thinks it can give more confidante's especially when we facing a lecturer. Beside that it also can boost our confidante's in studies. It can make us more focus in class.
(9) I like to play computer games.
I’m also love to playing computer games. But I will play when I had free time only. My favourite game is Football Manager. This game is about to control a whole football team including their finance, their popularity and many more. This game can improve your leadership skills because it teach how to manage a team in different situations.
(10) I like to watch movies.
I love to watch movies. I will watch a movie at least once a month. My favourite movie is Catch Me If You Can. This is a true story about a young man who fraud cheques and lied about his background to get a good job. He became a pilot, doctor, and a lawyer illegally. This movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.


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