My Album

1. Hot
This song is described about girl that needs an attention from everybody. So that she can get special treat from people around her. Beside that, these songs also tell how a woman attracts a guy so that guy will fall in love with her.
2. Dear God
This song is about a person pray to god to protect his girlfriend from bad thing that always happens and hope she is always be happy without him around.
3. In And Out of Love
These songs tell about couples that still not believe in each other. They still searching a solution to solve their fight that always happen most of the time. At last they decide to split and follow each other path.
4. Nymphetamine
Nymphetamine is a drug. This song is about addiction too classical beauty. The song tells how to appreciate a classical beauty and person that addict to improve their beauty and appearance in their life to make their satisfied.
5. Wonderwall
This song is about people that do not believe in other. He than created his own wall to separate himself from other people. So that people cannot disturb his life and he can life alone.
6. Yesterday
This song is about things that happen in past in their life. In this song, he tell everyone what he do in the past include bad and good things.

7. All My Life
This song tell about how a man appreciate because get his dream girl that he always wanted since in his childhood. Beside that these songs also tell how this man could do anything to attract his dream girl attention.
8. Fix you
These songs tell about an advice and try to motivate other people for not make a mistake that he already did. This song also is about a person try to change a person so that they will not regret.
9. Back to Black.
In this song, it tells a person has change from a good guy to a bad guy. He became he old self because he is sad and stress about what happen to him. Beside that, this person also boring to became a good guy. At last he returns to his old character that is bad guy.

10. Seize The Day.
The song tells about a person that needs another chance to change his life to become better person. This person regrets what he did in his past time and he hope that he can back to the past so that he can fix the situation.


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